2023 Soulcraft SUPERFLY Grom-series 4'

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When your grom shredders are advancing faster than anyone else in the family, it might be time to get them onto the SuperFly-G. We took a similar approach to the SuperFly-G that we applied to the M2-G; offering a truly high performance version of our most popular adult model. The fuller nose, pinched rails for easier starts, added nose flip to avoid pearling, and a little wider deck to add more float and easy release when Groms start attacking the rotational tricks above the wave -- the SuperFly-G is sure to launch every grom into super hero status.

  • Performance Focus: Novice - Expert 
  • Nose: Blunt w/Flip
  • Tail: Thumb
  • Rail: Soft to Hard/Sharp for Pump Drive Speed
  • Rocker: Moderate + Nose Flip
  • Fin Setup: Twin / Thermotec
  • Deck Profile: Convex
  • Colors: Assorted single color resin tint (neon green, neon red, neon orange)

  • Construction: Epoxy / EPS / PVC
  • Includes: Board / Traction / Fins
  • Soulcraft EM Grom