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The Wake Shop’s mission is to provide the absolute best gear for your lake lifestyle with trusted recommendations and board fitment. Whether you prefer to wake surf, wakeboard, ski, tow your friends and family on tubes, or simply need the basics for the boat – choosing the right gear before you get out on the water makes a world of difference. We’re as passionate about the lifestyle as you and know from experience that getting fitted properly plays a big part in enjoying a good surf or wakeboard session behind the boat. The selection of brands we partner with is based on three major pillars: 1) quality 2) functionality 3) value. From the craftsmanship that goes into a hand shaped surf board to price point products, we are proud to be authorized dealers of all the brands we carry.

The WakeShop | 6 Locations throughout the West

Shop Online or In-Store at One of Six Locations

The Wake Shop is positioned in 6 brick and mortar locations throughout the West to serve our clients from Seattle, Denver, UtahUtah County and Lake Powell.  Shopping online is made easy with one click to www.TheWakeShop.com.

Six Locations Throughout the West



The Wake Shop | Denver

The Wake Shop | Colorado

Soulcraft, Ronix, Radar, Phase 5, Follow, CWB and O'Brien

The Wake Shop | Lake Powell

The Wake Shop | Lake Powell

Soulcraft, Ronix, Radar, Phase 5, Hyperlite, HO Sports, Follow, Brigade and CWB

The Wake Shop | Seattle

The Wake Shop | Seattle

Soulcraft, Ronix, Radar, Phase 5, Follow, Hyperlite, HO Sports, Slingshot, Inland Surfer, and CWB

The Wake Shop | Utah

The Wake Shop | Utah

Soulcraft, Phase 5, Hyperlite, HO Sports, Follow, Inland Surfer, CWB and O'Brien

The Wake Shop | Vineyard

The Wake Shop | Utah County

Soulcraft, Phase 5, Hyperlite, HO Sports, Follow, Inland Surfer, CWB and O'Brien


Order Inquiries

In an effort to keep online prices low we have opted to only use email to correspond with our online customers.

For information surrounding an online order, please contact info@thewakeshop.com. Please do not contact a store location - ALL online orders are fulfilled outside of our brick and mortar locations.

*In-store inventory varies based on location and dealer agreements.

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