Product Warranty

Each manufacturer has specific limits to what is covered under warranty (both time from purchase and cause of damage).  In many cases, each brand we carry offers very good coverage of manufacturing defects. The exception to this is for damage due to the result of neglect, and misuse as well as coverage on handshaped surf boards. Handshaped surf boards require a higher level of customer care to maintain their condition AND have a narrower/limited warranty. We highly recommend continuous use of a board bag and board sock for any surf board, especially handshaped boards.  As well, to maintain the condition of your surf board, it should be kept out of the sun to lower board temperature and never be placed in board racks to avoid denting and delamination of glass and internal foam structure.  We can't stress this enough when it comes to care of your handshaped board.

*** Soulcraft Wake Surf Warranty and Care ***

For details on warranty coverage or to file a claim, please send us an email at In your email please include the following:

  • a copy of your original sales invoice/receipt
  • description of damage/failure
  • detailed photos of noted damage and product (close up and full product - clearly showing damage and warranty/warning labels in tact).  

Once purchase dates and product damage can be verified, all documentation will be passed along to the manufacturer for review and authorization for replacement.  In doing so, products filed under warranty will be replaced with a like-for-like model or equivalent determined by the manufacturer.  Applicable shipping costs are the responsibility of you, the owner, to return the product to the dealership you made the purchase from - as well as any return shipping from the manufacturer for replacement.

Note: The WakeShop holds no responsibility to fulfill a warranty claim made to a manufacturer if the claim is denied by the manufacturer, or to cover shipping costs surrounding the warranty of a product.

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