Soulcraft Slider+ Longboard Wakesurf

The Slider+ should be named “Pure Fun” because that’s all it is. A wide squared shape longboard nose, 50/50 rounded rails will allow grab and control to the wave. A slight V bottom to increase speed and Rail to Rail maneuverability. Deep Concave Deck for Foot attachment and Ability to get the board on rail while getting up out of the water. This board will recover from spots of the wake that are almost impossible to get back from. Comes as a single fin set up to keep it fast and attached to wave while nose riding and pure enjoyment for your surfing.

Pro Line Features:

  • Futures Fin Compatible. For the highest performing fin options in the water, THE ONLY CHOICE is Futures.
  • PVC Stringer. PVC offers higher performance any energy storing capabilities than traditional wood stringers. More stored energy means higher performance and snap.

Soulcraft Wake Surf Board Size Guide

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