Soulcraft Keenan Flegel Pro Skim

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The KF Pro Skim has been Keenan’s workhorse for many years now. Whether you are working on a 540 shuv or just dropping the rope, you will love this skim board! As a heavier rider, He seemed to like a flatter rocker profile and wider outline on all his boards which helps to maintain speed more effortlessly. This board features a squash tail with a single fin option. This board rides great with or without a fin for those who want to get that traditional skim feel. The wide nose and squash tail help to maximize pop off the wave, keep a straighter rail line, and also keep the board proportional for swing weight on those big shuv tricks. The nose of the board has become more important in recent years as new tricks continue to be innovated. For all of you out there who love a good drifter, the nose of this board was designed for just that!

Pro Line Features:

  • Futures Fin Compatible. For the highest performing fin options in the water, THE ONLY CHOICE is Futures.
  • PVC Stringer. PVC offers higher performance any energy storing capabilities than traditional wood stringers. More stored energy means higher performance and snap.

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