Soulcraft Agave Organic Line Wakesurf Board

The Agave - Organic Line is a hybrid design that blends the responsiveness of the SuperAV and the drive of the Voodoo. Like the Organic Voodoo, the Agave utilizes an Organic Wood Stringer. This stringer reduces the flex pattern and spring, while the sharp down rail generates speed by just leaning on the “gas” to maintain control deep in the wave. The Agave is suitable for all levels and offers the speed and pop everyone loves from a Soulcraft!

Organic Line Features:

  • Futures Fin Compatible. For the highest performing fin options in the water, THE ONLY CHOICE is Futures.
  • Organic Wood Stringer. Old School stiffness + modern wake surf design = unbeatable performance at the same price point.

Soulcraft Wake Surf Board Size Guide

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