Ronix Hex Shell Conductor - Wakesurf Board

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A new, innovative surf style shape for 2019, the Hex Shell 2 Conductor is Ronix's most advanced high-end wakesurfer. A speedy ride that is the Ferrari equivalent of a wakesurf board.

Most wakesurf boards require you to either be on the gas pedal or on the brakes at all times to remain in the wave's pocket. The Ronix Hex Shell 2 Conductor is not like most wakesurf boards. This board is the first of its kind, able to generate speed and maintain that speed without constantly accelerating and braking. Once you find that ideal speed to stay in the sweet spot of the wave, the Conductor stays at that speed as if you put cruise control on.

The Hex Shell 2 core is Ronix's newest and most advanced core construction to date. A traditional EPS surf foam with a machined Rhino Core stringer for added responsiveness and feedback. This wider stringer acts as a spinal cord to help the rider push in and out of turns. The full carbon rails look great and help create quicker, more responsive maneuvers. A blended rail design gives the board a cruisy feel with serious top-end speed while still being able to drive in and out of turns with acceleration.

New and only available on select Ronix wakesurfers for 2019, the front silicone traction pad mimics the feel of traditional surfboard wax for more board control and feel. This traction pad gives the board a cool minimalist look that really lets the Hex Shell 2 Core shine. This silicone pad is the closest you'll get to a traditional surf wax without getting actual wax all over your boat's upholstery.

The boards features their exclusive Fin-S 2 System, the most advanced tool-less fin system. Change out your fin configuration in a matter of seconds and totally customize your ride.


  • -Hex Shell 2 Core Construction
  • -Silicone Front Traction Pad
  • -Exclusive Fin-S 2 System
  • -Two 3.5" Injected Fiberglass Asymmetric Outside Fins
  • -One 3" Injected Fiberglass Symmetric Center Fin