The Danielo Diamond LTD. delivers the same amazing ride as the stock version but is wrapped in CudaSkin, adds a technora weave, and an inlaid carbon stringer. A Phase 5 favorite six years running now.

Phase 5 and world champion wakesurfer Drew Danielo have teamed together to create countless shapes over the years but perhaps none more popular than the Diamond. Now in its sixth year, the Danielo Diamond continues to help wakesurfers everywhere push their riding to new limits.

The LTD version is the same shape as the stock version and delivers that same amazing ride that has made it so popular over the years. The Danielo Diamond LTD is a significant upgrade due to it being wrapped in Phase 5’s exclusive CudaSkin material, a technora weave across the entire board, and an inlaid carbon fiber stringer. All these build materials help construct a board that is livelier and more responsive on the water while also improving the overall strength of this board.

A traditional skim outline, the Phase 5 Diamond is shaped to get tricky on the water and be ready for whatever you throw at it. A fuller tail than most skim shapes and a speedy rocker line keeps the rider in position to ride off their back foot, making it quick to accelerate and able to reach serious top end speed. The high-performance materials used on the LTD version help it ride even better through the water and make it look mighty good too!

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