Ronix One ATR w/ Fuse Stringers - White / Black / Caffeinated

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Designed from the same shape as the One Timebomb, and features the most iconic 3-stage lift using Fuse Stringers, for the most controlled explosive 3-stage kick available. 4 Fuse Stringers running vertically thru the board create a snappier takeoff without the jarring landings of a traditional stiff board.  The profile and speedwalls produce the least amount of resistance with the water sitting higher requiring less attack angle to get it to go, the result is more momentum with less line tension for a more relaxed/balanced selection of tricks.  This also means less strain on your body, giving longer boat sessions and increased top water speed.  This more affordable alternative construction without compromise is for the rider that wants the combination of the hole shot response of a Timebomb, and the smoothness of a traditional board, assembled in our most durable shell. Danny Harf’s latest best-selling freeride inspired shape.