Ronix Forester Capella 2.0 - CGA Life Vest

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The Ronix Capella 2.0 Forester CGA Life Jacket features Ronix's innovative Capella design for the most comfortable USCG vest you can get.

What makes the Ronix Forester Capella 2.0 Life Jacket such a hit year after year? Maybe it's the fashionable look of a comp vest but the buoyancy of a CGA vest. Maybe it's the game changing Capella 2.0 fit that will spoil you and have you riding longer. Maybe it's the innovative construction that keeps this vest light, strechy, and fitted to you like your favorite business suit. Whatever it is, the Forester Capella 2.0 is always a hit on the boat. Try it on for yourself and you'll instantly see why.

Finding a vest that fits you right is crucial for maximum pleasure and enjoyment out on the water. The team at Ronix designed the Forster Capella 2.0 vest with a longer, thinner profile that will give those with a lengthier torso the feel of a custom tailored fit. The segmented foam panels throughout the vest help give the rider more flexibility and movement. A water resistant liner helps wick away moisture and reduce the overall weight of the vest once wet. The standard 2 buckles and front zipper closure allows for on the fly adjustability while making it super quick to get in and out of. Made of a two way stretch neoprene material, the vest moves as you do and doesn't inhibit your movement while riding, swimming, or even just plain chilling on the boat.

The Forester Capella 2.0 is like a fine wine, it keeps getting better with time. From the updated graphic to the new Capella 2.0 tailored fit, this vest is easily the best one yet.