2020 Follow Surf Edition Men's Comp Jacket

2020 Follow Surf Edition Men's Comp Jacket

The Follow Surf Edition Comp Vest is the only vest on the market specifically designed for wakesurfing. It’s lightweight, flexible, and less bulky than a traditional comp vest which makes it ideal for wakesurfers.

The 2020 Follow Surf Edition Comp Vest is a high-performance hybrid, designed to provide a lightweight, stretchy fit. The perfect way for you to spend your surf session is in the comfort of Follow's Surf flex panels, with 2x2mm stretch panels front and back giving you maximum movement. Featherweight foam is the softest and lightest floatation man can find. When Follow's team wanted a vest that reacted to the way the torso moves when surfing, we got out the pen and paper, and the result is this comfortable, ultra-lightweight, highly-reliable, surf-specific vest. Also available in plus sizes just in case you’re a big guy and you want to shred the gnarl. Finishing this off with Follow's Marle super-stretch Neoprene makes the choice just that much easier for you.

2020 Follow Surf Edition Comp Vest Features

  • Follow surf flex, super stretch movement panels chest and back
  • Dual layer neoprene construction
  • Featherweight foam, the softest and lightest foam on the market
  • Distressed leather zipper pull
  • Rubber waist pull/thumb tab for easy zipping
  • ProFit2
  • Competition Vest (Not a CGA)

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