Soulcraft Super AV Pro Line Wakesurf Board

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The Super AV is Angie Viland's Pro Model. We have made changes to the outline widening the nose to allow the board to have a straighter center rail line to make it faster and a more responsive feel. The Super AV has a wider "fang" tail. This gives the board added float and aids in recovering when in the deep pocket. The Fang tips will act like fins off the tail giving the board control in landing airs and control in and out of surface tricks. The Super AV gives the rider the best of both worlds-ease of rotation for surface tricks, and a quicker release for added separation on airs. The deck features rail channels that aid in board grass well as a lowered rail shape to make the board faster with wave attachment. Rode as a Twin fin stock but can be set up with any fin configuration.

Pro Line Features:

  • Futures Fin Compatible. For the highest performing fin options in the water, THE ONLY CHOICE is Futures.
  • PVC Stringer. PVC offers higher performance any energy storing capabilities than traditional wood stringers. More stored energy means higher performance and snap.

Soulcraft Wake Surf Board Size Guide

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